Admission & Payment

Our Reception Desk provides 24-hour service. If you are getting admitted from out-patient consultation/Emergency, on your arrival at the Reception Desk, you will be requested to provide some information, which will enable us to handle your case with better understanding and also to keep track for follow- up at a later date. This information is necessary and we appreciate your cooperation with our admission personnel. You are requested to give the correct information, as this may also help you in case of insurance claim.


Aside from giving you the Admission Notification Form, your Consultant will advice you on the treatment plan and expected length of hospital stay before admission. You are requested to arrange necessary financial requirement prior to your admission.

Based on treatment plan and the expected length of hospital stay, the billing estimate can be collected from our Billing Executives/Public Relation Manager Room. You can visit our Reception Desk for queries or information on admission process.

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