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Smoker Check-Up Package

This is a smoker check-up package offered by us. It includes tests like CBC, ESR, X-Ray Chest P/A View, Spirometry, ECG, Echo 2D, and consultation with a physician. The package helps in assessing the overall health of smokers and detects any lung and heart-related problems associated with smoking. Spirometry is a lung function test that measures how well the lungs are working. The ECG and Echo 2D are tests that assess the heart’s functioning and structure. Consultation with a physician is also included in this package to provide guidance and support to quit smoking and manage any health issues related to smoking. This package is designed for the prevention and early detection of smoking-related health problems.

৳ 6,330

  1. CBC & ESR
  2. X-Ray Chest P/A View
  3. Spirometry
  4. ECG
  5. Echo 2D
  6. Consultation with Physician